WELCOME TO 8 Rewards -- a free on-air/ web-based interactive promotional program designed to honor and reward our loyal CBS 8 viewers, listeners and users. The more you watch CBS 8 and participate with 8 Rewards, the more credits (points) you earn to get more prizes! It's that easy!

Access to 8 Rewards is through the home page of CBS 8 located at Once registered and logged into 8 Rewards, you can visit the SHOPPING, RAFFLE, and AUCTION pages that display prize offers and opportunities directly.

You must register by setting up a username and password in order to earn and spend 8 Rewards credits (points), view your account balance, and see special offers for members only.

Once validated as a 8 Rewards member, all you need to do is enter your username and password to gain access to 8 Rewards features. You will be able to update your registration information as needed, as well as change your password. Profile updates and password changes have no effect on your credit (point) account. Your credit (point) balances will always remain tied to your username.


The accumulation of 8 Rewards credits (points) gives you opportunities to win your share of thousands of dollars in prizes, cash, and discounts offered throughout the year on CBS 8. There are many ways for you to earn 8 Rewards credits (points), as outlined below. Points earned are non-transferrable and have no cash value.

Watch and Listen

Watch CBS 8 on TV, listen to 100.7 Jack FM and AM 760 KFMB on the radio or online to earn extra Bonus Codes.

Use our websites

Also, visit our websites at, and Bonus Codes may be displayed on several pages of our sites.

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From time to time, CBS 8 will announce special events where CBS 8 will give away Bonus Codes for 8 Rewards credits.

Once you have a 8 Rewards Bonus Code - visit, login to the 8 Rewards - go to "Earn Points". Enter the Code to earn more 8 Rewards points.

Partner Extra Credit

CBS 8 will regularly post BONUS CODES on various station advertiser pages throughout our web site at When you visit these sites you will be given 8 Rewards Bonus Codes for a specified number of 8 Rewards Credits.


As a 8 Rewards member, your 8 Rewards credits (points) earned accumulate in your credits (points) Account. To check your current balance of 8 Rewards Credits (points), login to the 8 Rewards and click on "My Account".


Through the accumulation of 8 Rewards credits (points), you earn the opportunity to reap additional rewards! Here's how you can use them towards prizes, cash, discounts, opportunities and adventures.  Points earned are non-transferrable and have no cash value.


CBS 8 offers unique prizes and discounts on products, services and events in exchange for 8 Rewards credits (points). To use your 8 Rewards credits (points) towards purchasing an item, simply enter the quantity you wish to purchase and click "Buy". If you have sufficient 8 Rewards credits (points) and haven't already bought your limit (if any), your purchase will be confirmed and a confirmation page will appear with instructions for claiming your prize or discount. Once you click the "Buy" button, if the transaction is successful, the point amount will be deducted from your 8 Rewards account and cannot be returned.


You can enter any of our raffles as many times as you wish (as long as you have enough credits (points). To purchase an entry into the raffle of your choice, please visit the RAFFLE page, click on the raffle you'd like to enter, select the number of entries you'd like to purchase, and click the "Purchase Entries" button. Remember, the more entries you have in a raffle, the better your chances of winning!



  • When you place a bid, enter the maximum credits (points) you would be willing to pay for the auction item. The current high bid also represents a user's maximum bid.
  • The 8 Rewards system compares your bid to those of the other bidders.
  • Points are automatically debited from your account once your bid is placed. They will only be returned to your account if you are outbid by another member.
  • If another 8 Rewards member has a higher maximum, you'll be outbid. BUT, if no other bidder has a higher maximum, you win the auction item.
  • If another 8 Rewards member outbids you before the listing ends, you will NOT be contacted by CBS 8. It is the sole responsibility of the 8 Rewards member to check the auction status.
  • New 8 Rewards members will be able to access the AUCTION feature 24 hours after registration.
  • ALL BIDS ARE FINAL ONCE ENTERED (No bid retractions will be accepted).


Complete rules are available here